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The Breathtaking City of Venice

Gondola in venice
Rising from the waters of Venice Lagoon, is the Italian city of Venice.  Earlier, it was the world’s greatest ports, but today it has emerged into an incredible and beautiful city. Surrounded by water on all sides, Venice is a city full of Canals, Bridges and historic buildings. Named as one of the most breath-taking place on earth, Venice should be explored slowly and gently. If you spend time with this city, it will reward you with profound beauty and bliss. Venice is very famous among honeymoon couples, and is always on the bucket list of tourists.

Venice Lagoon
You may arrive in Venice through Air, Rail or Sea. As rail/road tickets are affordable in Italy, The St. Lucia Train Station would be the best entrance to the city.  The popularity of Venice has led to high hotel rates, so you should check in on the mainland and choose a 20 min train ride.  Venice is one of the largest car free areas, so explore the city on boat or by walk. The most common mean of transportation is the Gondola, and is famous all around the world. The Gondola ride may cost you between 100 and 150 Euros, but it’s worth it. Make sure you have ample time to explore the city on foot, as it is a totally different beautiful experience.
Piazza San Marco

The heart of Venice is the St. Mark’s Square. This magnificent and principal public place consists of the main Piazza San Marco and the main Piazzetta di San Marco.  The St. Marks  Campanile and St. Mark’s Basilica  are the highest buildings in Venice.
The St. Marks  Campanile
These sights are a symbol of Venetian Art and History. Don’t forget to enjoy a classic coffee at St. Mark’s Square. As Venice is surrounded by water, do take a boat tour of the city. Gondola is the best option, but you can also look for water buses.
St. Mark’s Basilica
Always take seats on the upper deck of the water buses. The views are picturesque and spectacular. A mile north of Venice is the Island of Morano. The Island can be reached only by boat. It is famous for its glass making. You will find high quality glass figures and jewelry at affordable prices.

Glass work in Morano Venice
When it comes to Food and Shopping, Venice is filled with small cafes, restaurants and small shops. Do enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the Lagoon. Shop for glass articles from Morano, and souvenirs from main city. Souvenirs may include models of Gondola, collages and Venetian masks.
Venice can be reached by sea or by air. If you are visiting other cities in Italy, come to Venice by sea. There are two airports near Venice, namely Treviso and Marco Polo. It depends on your airline where it lands.  The city centre is around 4 miles from  Marco Polo Airport and 19 miles from Treviso Airport. There are only a few Airlines which have services to Venice. These are Delta Airlines, Air Transcend, Air France, Emirates and Aeroflot. To explore the city well, spend at least 2-3 days here.

St. Mark’s Square

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