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Food Items to carry while Travelling

snack food
Food is an important part of Travel. When you travel to different places, you experience different cuisines. But there are some situations in which you are either unable to find good food or not in a mood to spend on expensive items. Apart from that, there may be situations where you are waiting for your flight/train/bus or ship and want to have a small meal. This is when packaged food items come to help. Every traveler should carry some basic food items in their bags before leaving home. But you cannot take each and every thing because of their perishable nature. Besides, there are some items which Airlines disallow on flights. To solve this confusion, we have compiled a list of Food Items to carry while travelling.

cake and muffins
Here is a list of food items you should carry while travelling:

1.   Salted Snacks: Small packets of snacks such as Namkeens, Wafers, Potato Chips and Biscuits are great for a small meal break. They are non-perishable and also allowed on Airline Hand Baggage.

2.    Confectioneries: Packed Confectioneries like Cup Cakes, Brownies, Muffins, Candies etc. are good for a different taste to your tooth. Avoid those with creams and sauces, as they may melt and make the surroundings messy. Confectionery which doesn’t melt must be considered.

3.   Easy to Cook Items: These are food items which can be cooked easily on Electric or Gas stoves. They include Noodles, Pasta, Cutlets, Chicken Balls, etc. you just need to unpack them and cook for a few minutes. These are only possible when you can use Gas or Electricity to cook.
Dry fruits & nuts

4.     Nuts: Dry Fruits and Nuts such as Cashews, Almonds, Raisins, Walnuts etc. can be packed into small packs and carried around. They are not only healthy, but also satisfy your hunger. Besides, they are not perishable like normal fruits.

5.    Tea/Coffee Bags: Pouches and bags of Tea and Coffee are very helpful to make yourself a cup. You can also consider pouches of Hot Chocolate and Green tea. Do carry sugar and milk powder as well. Be careful with milk powder, as there are a few countries which don’t allow it. Checking in advance helps.

6.   Chocolate Bar: Make sure to keep some chocolate bars as it is an anti-depressant and lifts up your mood. Dark chocolates are slightly better than milk ones.
chocolate bars

7.    Mints/Chewing Gums: Mint candies and Chewing gums help in removing bad breath and refreshing your mouth, especially after a meal.

These are a few food items which you should carry while travelling.  Carry only water when it comes to liquids, airports don’t allow liquids in Hand baggage. Also, make sure you are not carrying any oily sweets. For further convenience, carry an electric pan which helps you prepare some easy to cook foods. Lastly, check with airport authorities on what all is permissible…..
Electric Pan

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  1. Pan Himanshu Bhai apan ja kidhar rahe hai, in all my travels so far food was nothing more less then the adventure and I'm enjoying each and every second of it so travel with no food just, love