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12 Tips for Comfortable Travel

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Travel should be Easy, Comfortable and Hassle Free. We always try to plan our tour well, whether it is a Holiday or an official trip. Besides making adequate plans, there are some small things which can further improve your experience. In this blog, we will tell you 12 things you need to make sure while travelling. These will not only enhance your travelling experience, but also help you in an unexpected emergency.

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The 12 things every traveler should remember are;

1.   Travel Insurance: Purchase a travel Insurance before you leave. Check for all coverage in the policy, especially when travelling abroad. They protect you in case of a medical emergency.

2.     Documents:  Make sure you keep all your travel documents in a safe and easily accessible bag. You can also purchase clothes with inner pockets to accommodate important documents like Passport and Travelers Cheques.

3.     Clothing in Hand Baggage:  When flying, make sure that you have some spare clothes in your hand luggage. They help you in case of Loss or delay of check-in baggage.

4.     Food in Hand Bag:  Some packaged food should be there in your hand luggage. In case of delay or non-availability of food, they can be of a bit of help.

5.   Portable Charger in Hand Bag:  Your portable and normal chargers must be in your handbag to power your Phone/Tablet when the battery drains out.

6.     Money:  Your money, Travelers cheques, Debit/Credit card and ATM cards must be in your handbag. Don’t ever keep your cash in check-in-baggage; there have been cases of theft.

7.    Punctuality:  Punctuality is the key while travelling. Reach the Airport/Station/Port at least half an hour before. A delay of even 1 minute can make a big difference. Also, reach your boarding gate before time. No airline/train or cruise waits for latecomers.

8.    Avoid Multiple Stopovers:  When you are on a long journey, avoid multiple stopovers. It not only increases your travel time, but also increases chances of your check-in-bags getting lost or delayed. Some airlines offer cheap fares for having multiple stopovers, but it’s not worth. For example, London to Sydney via Singapore is better than London to Sydney via Abu Dhabi and Bangkok.

9.   Difference between Connections: Make sure that you have at least 2 hours between connecting flights/trains. It gives you enough time to deal with delays and distance between boarding gates. Airports like London Heathrow, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore are so big that you need time to transit between boarding gates.
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10. Choose Your Queue: It is but obvious that people choose the line with less people, but there are somethings extra you should know. Prepare yourself by taking out necessary items like documents, metal items well in advance. Don’t wear belts and watches to avoid extra metal things in security check? Lastly, avoid queue with families having infants, they take slightly more time.

11. Basic Medical Kit: Do keep a basic medical kit on your tour. It must have some basic things like Pain killers, band aids; tablets for stomach ache/loose motion/headache etc.
Medical Kit

12. Important Contacts: Phone Numbers of local relatives, Travel Company, hotel, local police and help centers should be saved on your phone. When abroad, do save number of Embassy of your country at your destination.

Follow these tips for a more comfortable and stress free tour…..

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