Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sydney: A Cosmopolitan Mega City

Sydney is Australia’s oldest, largest and the most diverse city. Home to 4.5 million people, Sydney is one of the most famous cities on Earth. It is a cosmopolitan city blessed with culture and traditions from around the world. The city is famous for its Beaches, Monuments, Harbour and Landscapes. Sydney is not only a tourist destination but also an economic powerhouse for Australia. Sydney can be easily compared with London or New York., as people from all around the world could be found here. In recent years many immigrants have flooded the city with their cultural suitcases. Sydney is thus, a vibrant and beautiful city attracting Travelers from all around the world.

Harbour Bridge
Getting around Sydney is easy. The city has a robust public transport system with Taxis, Buses, Metro and Water Taxis. Since the city is big, places are far off. We would advise you to jump on the Metro as it is convenient and cheap. If the Weather is pleasant, you can also walk down to some places. As Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, summers are from October to March.  Summer temperatures may rise up to 40 degrees, making it hot and humid. April and May are the most pleasant. Places to see in Sydney include Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian National Maritime Museum, Bondi Beach, Sydney Tower, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife Sydney Nature Park, Taronga Zoo and Manly.  There are 2 things you must do when in Sydney- Climb the Harbour Bridge and sail on the Sydney Show Boat Cruise; these will enhance your experience here.
Bondi Beach

Food in Sydney is very good. As people from all around the world live here, they have brought their local food with them. A host of Asian, American and European Restaurants are present all around the city. Sydney is largely influenced by Asian Food, as most of the Immigrants are from Asia. Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai Food are the most famous here. A distinctive feature of Sydney is that a lot of Restaurants are around the Harbour Area. It not only gives you good food, but also breath-taking views of the Darling Harbour. Street vendors and Cafes are also present at a few places. Thus, Sydney will not disappoint you in Food.
Sydney Tower Eye

Shopping in Sydney is just like any other Multi-cultural Megacity. Shopping Malls, Arcades and  Branded Showrooms are present all over the city. Sydney is cheaper than London, but a little expensive than New York. In this Globalised World, everything is available almost everywhere. Hence, shop only for those things which are either special in Australia or exclusively available here. Try to spend more time in sightseeing. Nowadays, exploring your Destination is much better than shopping.
Taronga Zoo

Being a Megacity, Sydney is one of the most connected cities on Earth. Sydney International Airport is one of the busiest and well-connected Airports. Flights from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa are touching down here every day. There are a host of American carriers flying Non-Stop to Sydney from USA via the Pacific Route. Qantas is the National carrier of Australia, having a wide range of destinations all over the world. A big advantage with Qantas is that it has a tie-up with Emirates. It provides a wide network to customers of both the Airlines. Many travelers fly to Dubai with Emirates, and connect to a Qantas flight to Australia.

So, go ahead and enjoy a fun filled holiday in Sydney.

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Quantas A380

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