Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Things to Keep in a Travel First-Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit
A First Aid Kit is a Box/Pouch which has some basic Medicines to cope with minor injuries and illnesses. We often keep a First Aid Kit in our Homes to deal with minor injuries. A Traveler is always exposed to moving from one place to another, hence making them prone to injuries and illnesses. A traveler may experience different Air, Water and Food at different places. Sometimes, he/she might not be able to adapt the different food culture. Also, small injuries may occur at any time of the trip. These situations can arise with anyone and anywhere. Thus, it is important that travelers carry a First Aid Kit with them. In this Blog, we will tell you the types of Medicines and First Aid Items in your Travel First Aid Kit. Let’s get started…..


1. Band Aids: Purchase a few strips of Band Aids for small and minor cuts. These small strips can be give you immediate relief from small injuries like cuts and bleeding.

2. Stomach ache Capsule: Purchase a strip of capsules/tablets which help in managing stomach pain. Stomach Pain may occur due to Food or Water. Many times a different Food culture doesn’t suit your body.

3. Burn Cream: As the name suggests, these creams help in minimizing the effect of any burns or fire injuries.

4. Cut Creams: These are creams which can be applied immediately after a cut. These creams can be applied before putting a Band-Aid or a Bandage over it.

5. Cotton: Cotton is used to clean the injury before any medicine or bandage is applied over it.

6. Small Bandage Roll: A bandage roll is required for dressing of slightly big injuries/cuts, which are big for band aids.

7. Dettol: Dettol helps in cleansing and relieving the injury. It is applied with cotton on the wound.

8. Cough Syrups/Candies: A small bottle of Cough syrup or a few Cough candies will help in minimizing Cough and Cold.

9. Headache Medicines: Some capsules and tablets are for Headaches. Headaches may occur due to tension, extreme weather, fatigue, etc.  Don’t carry bottles of syrup; just take a strip of capsules.

10. Fever Medicines: Fever of mild nature may arise anytime. Keep some medicines to curb them.  A few medicines of high fever may also be kept to cope with the same.

11.Skin creams: Skin creams may help in tackling any sun burns, allergies or rashes. A small tube is enough for it.

12. Sanitizer:  Sanitizer is a liquid substance which helps in washing hands where a washroom isn’t available. Injuries may arise anytime and anywhere.

These are some basic medicines you should carry in your Travel First Aid Kit. If you have more suggestions, comment down below…..

Have a safe journey…..
Skin Cream

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