Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Qualities of a Good Traveler

In this Globalized World, people from all classes are now travelling. There was a time in the past when Travel was meant only for the Rich and Elite. Now even a Middle class person can afford to Travel. This has given rise to extreme flow of travellers around the world. This has led to extreme cultural exposure as well. Every Traveller is different, and behaves differently to culture changes. In this process, some end up misbehaving or violating laws. Some do it deliberately while some unintentionally. Hence, to be a good global citizen, you need to be a good traveller. In this Blog, we will discuss some qualities that you should have to be a Good Traveller. Let’s get started…..


1.      Culture: Research about the Local Culture at your Destination. Food, Shopping, People, Traditions, etc can help you figure out what all is possible there. The more you research, the more comfortable it will be to adjust. Respect the Culture and Tradition at your Destination.

2.    Abide By Laws: The most important thing is to abide by local laws. There are different laws at different places. You can drink Alcohol on the streets of Europe, but not in the Middle East. You can get away by throwing garbage in Delhi, but have to face a 1000$ fine in Singapore. So, make sure you know the Laws.

3.  Behave Well: Don’t misbehave in a foreign land. Avoid any quarrels with the local people. Escalation may lead to Police Action, Prosecution or Jail. If someone misbehaves with you, ask your Guide or Police for help.

4.     Be Calm: There may be situations when things do not go your way. Be calm and compose. Losing temper might not help. Figure out ways in which you could adjust.

5.    Patience: Be Patient all the time. Don’t expect everything to happen quickly. For example- Some people lose patience while boarding the Aircraft. They are supposed to follow the boarding announcements made by airline staff.

6.   Be Punctual: Always be Punctual. Whether it is at the Airport or any museum or Theme Park. Being Punctual always saves time and gives extra time to explore and cherish everything. Punctuality is appreciated by all.

7.   Basic Etiquettes: You should have good manners and Basic etiquette.  This may include Smiling, Talking well, Eye contact, Greetings,etc. A well-mannered person leaves a good impression on others.

8.   Listen well: Be a Good Listener. Carefully listen to each and every detail provided to you by your Guide/Locals. By Listening, you are paying respect to the speaker. Hence, he/she will be delighted in sharing more info with you.

9.    Avoid Running after Freebies: Many times people run after freebies and end up behaving like a Monkey. They ask for more and more annoying people around them. For example: Some Passengers ask for alcohol or snacks frequently on-board a flight. They either annoy the cabin crew, or end up being notorious under the influence of alcohol. Hence creating Nuisance for other passengers.

10.  Connect with Locals: Make a connection with Locals by speaking a few sentences in their language. You can also have dinner with them, live with them or go out for events together. Locals like when a person from other place connects with them.

These are some basic qualities of a Good Traveller. This will not only help in enhancing your travel experience, but also help you in representing your country/culture.  If you have more suggestions, feel free to Comment Down below.

So, go ahead and become a Great Global Citizen.

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