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Beautiful City of Antwerp

Antwerp City Card
Antwerp is a small and beautiful metropolis in Belgium. The city is full of a large number of cultural and historical sights.  Antwerp is a popular tourist destination with great history, beautiful architecture and breath-taking harbour. Every year millions of tourists from all around the world come here to cherish the Belgian Art, History and Fashion.  The city has a great Fashion industry. Some areas in the city are dedicated to its Fashion world. Apart from Fashion, Antwerp has a famous Diamond industry as well. By Train, Antwerp is just an hour away from Brussels. In recent years, the city has seen a lot of Businesses grow and power the Belgian economy.  With so much to see and explore, Antwerp is now an integral part of tourists’ coming to Europe.

Antwerp City
The Harbour side city of Antwerp is easy to pursue on foot.  It offers a picturesque view of its Lanes, Architecture and Cathedral. Navigating around the city is easy and comfortable.  You are never more than a 15 minute Tram or Bicycle ride from Shops, Restaurants, Museums and the Old Town.  Major attractions include Antwerp Cathedral, St. Pauls Church, Old Town, National Museum, Scheldt River Harbour, Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art and Antwerp Central Station. Antwerp is a city which can be easily explored within 2 days.  It’s a weekend getaway destination.
Scheldt River Harbour

Food is exotic in Antwerp. There are a large number of Bars, Cafes and Restaurants all around the city. Café culture is very much prevalent here. Some Cafes and Bakeries offer you a wide variety of American and European Food, waffles; Cakes and Fries are a hot favorite here. Belgium produces one of the finest varieties of Confectioneries in the form of Waffles, Cakes, Chocolates and Muffins. The Belgian chocolate Godiva is famous all over the world. Besides Confectionery, Antwerp also offers a variety of Belgian Beer. Do try them out. Asian tourists may face some difficulties as Asian restaurants are less.

Antwerp has a famous Fashion and a Sparkling Diamond industry. Most of the shopping is for Fashionable clothes and accessories. Some people also visit to buy its Diamonds. Overall Antwerp is fine when it comes to shopping. Bargaining is available at a few places. Ask your guide to suggest best places for shopping. Europe is always a little expensive than the rest of the world, hence it is important to know the best places for the same. If you have nothing special to purchase, concentrate on sightseeing.
Antwerp Central Station

Getting to Antwerp is easy. Antwerp is well connected with the European Railway network. It takes you 3 hours from London to Antwerp, and 1 hour from Brussels. Antwerp has an Airport as well, but is mostly served by Low Cost Carriers and a few International Airlines. Best way is to land in Brussels and jump on the Train.

So, go ahead and enjoy a blend of History, Culture, Entertainment and Beauty of Antwerp.
Antwerp Cathedral

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