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How to Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight

Long Haul Flight
The Travel Industry is worth Billions of Dollars and is growing day by day. More people are now travelling and exploring the world. This has increased the demand for more Airplanes and Airports. Many small cities are now connected with International Airports. As new places emerged, manufacturers launched big and long range jets to service them. Today, you can fly Non-Stop from Asia to America. All major Airlines of the world are now operating hundreds of Long-Haul Flights. A Long-Haul Flight is a Flight which has duration of more than 10 hours. Often travelers find it difficult to cope  and survive them. In this Blog, we will discuss a few suggestions which will help you in enjoying Long-Haul Flights. Let’s get started…..

British Airways A380

1.    Choose Airline: Most of the travellers might choose a Low Cost Carrier, but when it comes to Long-Haul Flights, choose carefully. Low cost carriers usually lack comfort and entertainment system. You need comfortable seats and an in-flight entertainment system to keep you occupied. Airlines like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, British Airways, Qantas and Air New Zealand are considered best for Long-Haul routes.

Flight Specifications: While booking your tickets, research about seat plan, configuration, legroom,etc of the Airplane. The type of aircraft can make a huge difference. For example: An A380 is very comfortable than any other aircraft flying in the sky. Its wide seats make it comfortable than a Boeing 747 or Boeing 777.

3.  Entertainment System: Whichever Airline you choose, make sure it has in-flight entertainment system.  You will be bored if it is not there.

4.  Carry your Entertainment Content: Sometimes you either not like the entertainment system, or want to watch some of your own content. Carry all your Entertainment Media in your Phone/Tablet.
In flight entertainment

5.    Portable Charger: Carry a Power Bank with you. This will help power your Phone/Tablet Batteries when drained. Important specially for Gamers and those who enjoy their own content.

6.   Book: Carry a nice Book to read. You can carry an e-book as well, but a normal book would be recommended.

7.   Aisle Seat: Book an aisle seat for yourself.  The view from a window seat is good but not better than disturbing your next seat passenger for going to wash room. A Long-Haul Flight invites many visits to the wash room. So be comfortable and take an aisle seat.

8.   Stay Hydrated: By this we don’t mean drink lots of Juices and Alcohol on board. Try and have a lot of water. The atmosphere in the aircraft is dry, hence you need to be hydrated.
Passenger sleeping in aircraft

9.   Sleep: Sleeping is very important on Long-Haul Flights. It not only keeps you fresh on arrival, but also passes some time. If required, ask for extra cushions and blanket to make yourself more comfortable. Another great Tip may be to book an overnight flight. It makes you sleepy automatically.

10.  Use Wi-Fi: Some Airlines today are offering Free In-Flight Wi-Fi to its passengers. Most of these airlines are offering it on their A380s. Emirates has the largest fleet of A380s with Wi-Fi on all of them. An internet connection will help in connecting with friends and family, knowing what’s going on and scanning through different content and videos.

These are some tips on how you can survive and Pass time in a Long-Haul Flight. Do Share with all your friends. If you have some more suggestions to add, please comment down below. Your participation will be appreciated.

Happy Travelling…..
Reading Book in flight

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