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Important Things to carry in Hand-Baggage

Hand baggage
Hand Baggage is the Bag/Luggage that you carry On-Board your Flight. Usually we carry small pieces of Luggage in Hand as the On-Board space is small. Big bags are accommodated in the Cargo Hold of the Plane. Airlines have a strict weight policy, and don’t allow excess weight.  Generally, the weight allowance for an economy class passenger is 23 kgs and 7 kgs 23 in Check-in and 7 in Hand baggage. Weight allowance for First and Business class passengers differ from Airline to Airline. Thus, when you have only 7 Kgs allowed, you need to pack very carefully.  In this Blog, we will share the important things to carry in Hand Baggage. These suggestions will help you pack important stuff without increasing weight of your Bag. Let’s get started…..

Hand luggage

1.     Clothes: Carry only 1 or 2 pairs of clothing in hand luggage. You should have a pair to wear in case of check-in baggage getting delayed or lost. But don’t carry more than 2 pairs of clothing. Avoid heavy clothing like Sweaters and jackets unless required.

2.    Small Electronics: Make sure you carry small Electronic Devices. Carrying heavy Laptops or too many gadgets may increase your weight. A Laptop may be replaced by a Tablet. Carrying common chargers and accessories may also decrease few ounces.  Try to carry small, sleek and light weight devices.

3.    Food Items: Some snacks and Food Items should be present in your Hand Bag. There are situations where either you don’t like the food on-board, or you are stuck hungry waiting for a delayed flight.
Overhead locker

4.    Money: Carry all your Cash in Hand Luggage. This gives you the freedom to spend on Food, Drinks, making calls, etc. in an emergency. Also, there have been cases of Money been stolen from Checked-in Bags.

5.  Travel Documents: Make sure all your Travel Documents like Hotel Vouchers, Insurance, Ticket, itinerary, etc are in hand luggage along with your Passport. Their need may arise anytime during the journey or immigration.

6.   Avoid Unnecessary Items: Unnecessary Items like Belts, Extra shoes, Beauty Products, Electric Cattles, etc. must be avoided in Hand Luggage. They may be carried in check-in baggage. Carry in hand bag only if you require it during the journey.
Hand baggage1

7.    Special Clothes: On the day of travelling wear special clothes having lots of pockets. Nowadays, a few companies have launched Travel Jackets which have lots of pockets. You can keep all your small stuff in pockets. Airline checks weight of your Bag, not your body!

These are a few important items that you should carry in your Hand Baggage. These items will not only keep you equipped, but also keep you inside your weight limit. To know more on reducing weight, read our Blog- “How to ReduceWeight of Travel Bag”.

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