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Role of Social Media in Tourism

Social Media Platforms
Social Media is today the best medium of Communication. It not only allows you to interact with people, but also share experiences and suggestions. Tourism has benefited a lot from Social Media. Nowadays, Social Media is playing an important role in promoting new Destinations and sharing reviews. Millions of people share their experiences with other travelers, and give them fruitful suggestions. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made life much easier and hassle free for travelers. In this Blog, we will discuss the ways in which Social Media transformed the Travel and Tourism of the World. This will help you in better utilization of Social Media before travelling anywhere. Let’s get started…..


1.  Review Shares: A number of Groups and Pages on Social Media are used to Post Comments, Feedback, Suggestions, Recommendations and Reviews. Travelers join these communities and post both Positive and Negative Feedback. Today, the popularity of a place is determined by its Social Media Reviews. Positive Reviews can help promote Tourism anywhere. Negative Reviews can blow off potential visitors. There have been cases where Places, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and Sights have lost Business due to Bad Reviews on Social Media. So, check Reviews before going to your Destination.

2.    Check-Ins: Social Media Platforms give you the opportunity to share your location with Friends and Families. These Check-Ins help in promoting places to a large audience. More shares make people curious about the place. Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels benefit the most, as it creates awareness about their Brand. It is also helpful for travelers as it allows their relatives to track them in an emergency.
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3.     Discovering New Treasures: Some people post Blogs and Vlogs on new and upcoming places. In this beautiful world, there are many places which are unexplored. Social Media is a great source to attract travel enthusiasts. Today, a person sitting in Brazil can know about a new Travel Destination in Indonesia. This has helped the Travel Industry to attract tourists from all over the world.

4.     Easy Information: There was a time in the past when travelers didn’t know how to start their tour, what to see and what all to do. Now, most of the travelers have an idea about the place they are visiting. People active on Social Media share Tips and Suggestions to go about everything. Travel Groups on these sites are flooded with information on the best Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, etc.

5. Business Promotion: Nowadays all Airline companies, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Tourism Authorities, etc. are active on Social Media. They interact with existing and potential customers regularly for Feedback and Reviews. They then ask their customers to spread their word among other active members, leading to engagement. As a Business Promotion activity, these companies hire Travel Bloggers and Video Bloggers to Promote their Brands through written and Media content. Blogs and Vlogs influence a lot of people.

6.   Complaints and Requests: There have been cases where unsatisfied customers have taken on malpractices of a company on Social Media. Recently, a passenger lost his bag in transit on an airport. He tweeted on the Airline Company’s Twitter Handle, which made the company to react quickly and solve his grievance. A number of people also use it for service requests. In the US, a person was on a flight from Los Angeles to New York Via Chicago. His Flight from LA to Chicago got delayed. As a result he had only 5 minutes to connect to the New York Flight. He Tweeted on Airline support to hold the Flight, and succeeded in boarding his connecting flight. These things make life easier for travelers.
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7.   Emergency Help: Nowadays, Social media is used in War and Disaster zones to track location. God Forbid if a traveler faces a Disaster or War situation, he/she can post their location on Social Media for Rescue Teams to come. In recent years, it has helped save many lives.

These were the Ways in which Social Media changed Tourism in the World. So, utilize it fully. If you have more to add, feel free to Comment down below…..

Have a Nice Trip!

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