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Features of a Good Public Transport System

London Bus service
Public Transport is the Backbone of any enables you to travel from one place to another. A good Public Transport system contributes to the GDP of a Country. If there is good public transport, locals and tourists will navigate easily. Easy Navigation will help in Time Management.  Nobody likes a city with inefficient Public Transport and Traffic Jams. There are many cities around the World where people lose a lot of time in traffic, resulting in lack of efficiency at workplace. Tourists usually have a tight schedule. They have to cover the whole city in 2-3 days. Hence, they want to commute as quickly as possible. In this Blog, we will share the Features of a Good Public Transport System. These are Characteristics which make Public Transport Effective and Efficient. Let’s get started…..

Great Ocean Road

1.   Roads: Roads are the most important component of a country’s Infrastructure. It is used for transporting Goods and Services to people. Good Roads enables people to travel fast and save time. Cars, Buses, Taxis, Rickshaws, Cycles and other vehicles depend on Roads. Roads can Make or Break a Public Transport System.

2.   Flyovers and Expressways: Flyovers and Express ways can be used to divert Traffic from Busy Roads. These Highways can be very useful in handling traffic and reducing stoppage time. One of the biggest reasons for traffic jams is less number of Flyovers and Expressways.

3.    Public Buses: A large number of people in cities travel by Public Buses. It is thus important that Public Bus System is Efficient. It should have enough Buses to accommodate people, Cleanliness, Security, wide Network and Multiple Routes. London is a city very famous for its Public Buses.
New York Taxi

4.   Taxis: There are some situations where you want to travel in private, or are stuck at an isolated place.  Taxis are the best alternative for that. There are Public as well as Private Taxi services in a city. Private companies like Uber and Ola are famous at many places. Apart from them, there are many other App based Taxi services as well.

5.     Auto and e-Rickshaws: These are small vehicles capable of accommodating 4-5 Passengers. They can be Private, as well as shared. Some have fixed Routes, while some go as per your request. Nowadays, e-Rickshaws are getting very popular due to their eco-friendly nature.

6.      Rented Cycles: Many places in Europe offer cycle rental services. They have dedicated cycle tracks and a nominal charge on hourly basis. Besides European cities, many other places are also adopting this.
Cycling in Amsterdam

7.   Metro: Metro is the fastest, cheapest and the most efficient mode of Public Transport. If a city has Metro, it can reduce almost 40% of its traffic on Roads. Cities which have a hot climate, must include Metro in their Public Transport. In Hot climate, it allows you to travel comfortably.  Metro is also of great use in cities having snowfall. It helps you when roads are blocked by snow. It is a must have feature for any city.

8.    Water Taxis: Water Taxis are Boats or Ferry that transport people from one place to another. There are a few cities in the world which have Rivers/Lakes flowing through them. They operate routes on the River/Lakes. Dubai is one good example.

9.   Walkways: There are many people who love exploring the city on foot. Dedicated Walkways, Subways,  Footpaths and Foot over Bridges can make a city safe for walkers. Zebra crossings and Signals need to be managed efficiently in order to give them a safe passage.
Water Taxi Dubai

10.  Security: A lot of cities are suffering from crimes. Pickpockets, Acid Attacks, Molestation, Robbery, Rapes, etc. are serious crimes. If a city’s Public Transport System cannot offer you security, everyone will refrain from it. In 2012, a girl was brutally raped in a Public Bus in Delhi. It made a lot of tourists and locals afraid of Public Buses, hence spoiling the reputation of the city.

11.   Connectivity: Whether a city is small or big, Public Transport should be available at every corner. Even if a person loses his/her way, he/she must be able to reach their destination.

12.   GPS: Global Positioning System or GPS must be present in all vehicles. This helps them in finding directions. Also, cities must have sufficient Band Width to support GPS services.

These are the Characteristics of a Good Public Transport System. It can increase the Footfalls and Visitors to a city. Travellers love this, and can give good feedback to other Travelers. Cities like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Toronto, Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Sydney became famous for their Public Transport System. If you have more suggestions, Comment down below. Also tell us which city you like the most when it comes to Public Transport…..

Have Fun!
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