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Difference between Normal & Low Cost Carriers

Thai Airways A380
Low Cost Carriers and Normal Carriers dominate the Aviation Market. Normal Carriers are those Airlines which offer Standard and Premium services. These companies offer services like Reclining seats, Complimentary Meals, Entertainment system, Premium Airport Lounges, etc. LCCs or Budget Airlines are very different from them. They usually focus on cheap tickets and No-Frill Flights. A few days back, we posted a Blog – ‘’World of Low Cost Carriers’’, where we discussed the features and Business model of LCCs. In this Blog, we will point out the differences between LCCs and Normal Carriers. This will help you in distinguishing the main between the two, and make the right choice.

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Let’s get started…..

1. Prices:  As the name suggests, Low Cost Carriers are cheaper than Normal Carriers. Tickets of Normal Carriers could cost double or even triple of LCCs. This is because LCCs compromise on Freebies and Premium services. Thus, LCCs are for those concerned with price. 

2. Aircrafts: LCCs operate only 1 or 2 types of Aircraft. The Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 are the most commonly used Aircrafts by LCCs. On the other hand, Normal Carriers operate all types of Aircraft. They operate Big, Medium and small sized Airplanes. Most widely used include Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Boeing 747, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Airbus A350 and Airbus A380.

3. Range: LCCs usually operate Short-Haul Flights. They hardly operate any Flight of more than 6 Hours. On the other hand, Normal Carriers can operate as long as 17 Hour non-stop Flights. The Planes used by them are Long-Range, and can fly half way around the world without refueling.
Singapore Airlines A 350

4. Seats: LCCs have only 1 or 2 class of seating. In some carriers, you may even find non-reclining seats. Seating in LCCs is not concerned with comfort. Normal Carriers can have 3-4 classes of seating. Usually they have First, Business and Economy class. Some carriers have Premium Economy as well. They all have different features catering to all types of People.

5. Meals: All Meals and Drinks on Normal Carriers are Free of Cost. It is all included in your ticket. In fact, a Long-Haul Flight serves Meal twice or thrice. LCCs usually don’t provide anything, but some of them just offer Tea/Coffee/Water for Free. LCCs sell Food On-Board.

6. Entertainment System: LCCs don’t have Entertainment Systems. There may be some exceptions, but they usually don’t invest Money in them. On the other hand, almost all Normal Carriers have Entertainment systems installed on every seat. Even a short haul flight has the privilege of Entertainment system.
Ryan Air

7. Airports: LCCs operate from small Airports, whereas Normal carriers operate from both Big and Small Airports. For example: Most of the LCCs land at London Gatwick, whereas most of the Normal Carriers land at London Heathrow. LCCs choose small airports to save on Landing charges and Parking expenses.

8. Freebies: LCCs don’t offer any Freebies. Freebies may include Goodies, Frequent Flyer Miles, Airport Lounges, Pillow, Blankets, etc. Normal Airlines provide many freebies. Some even include Free Flights, Hotels, Packages, etc.

These were the main differences between LCCs and Normal Carriers. It is clear that LCCs focus on Price, whereas Normal Carriers focus on Comfort. Make the choice as per your requirements. These two Business Models have revolutionized the Aviation Market, and made sure that everyone could fly.

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