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In-Flight Etiquettes

Qantas A380
Millions of people take to the skies every day. They travel over different Airspace, and in different airlines. People everywhere are different, and react differently to situations.  A big problem that all airline crew around the world face is Misbehavior of Passengers. The laws of Aviation are laid down by strict Local and International Law agencies. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) lays down all commercial Airline laws. This also includes the way passengers should behave In-Flight. A few days back, we posted a Blog – “Qualities of a Good Traveler”, where we discussed how travelers should behave when in a foreign land. In this Blog, we will discuss the In-Flight Etiquette of a Traveler. These are things which make you a Good Passenger. Let’s get started…..

Singapore A380

1.    Be Punctual : Every time you fly, reach the Airport early, check-in early and be at the Boarding Gate before time. Web check-in can also save some of your time. Airlines love Punctual Passengers. Remember, Airline Business is wholly dependent on Time and Cost. Thus, don’t force the Airline to delay or leave you.

2.   Follow Boarding Procedure: Different Airlines have different Boarding Procedures. Follow the procedure and board only when your seat number/Row is called. Jumping the line and disturbing the queue is not liked by anyone. Similarly, don’t push or come in the way of any passenger.

3.     Manage Hand Luggage: Manage your Hand Luggage properly. Open the overhead lockers and neatly put your bags in them. Place them in an organised manner, so that the space is utilized well. Make sure that they don’t fall off. Usually there is one locker for 2-3 seats. So make sure your co-passenger has room for his/her bag.

4.   Follow Safety Procedure: Follow the Safety procedures demonstrated by the crew. It tells you about the Rules and Regulations on-board. Listen carefully and read the safety card afterwards.
Emirates in flight catering

5.   Don’t Jump/Dance: Don’t jump or dance in the Flight. Jumping on the isle during Taxi, Take-off or Landing is a punishable offence, and could attract hefty fines or imprisonment. Jumping or dancing while the plane is airborne is not that unsafe, but considered as notorious behavior. A complaint by co-passengers can book you for trouble.

6.   Don’t smoke: Smoking is strictly prohibited on Airplanes. It is a punishable offence. There are smoke detectors in the entire cabin and lavatories.

7.   Avoid Over drinking: Alcohol is served free on all International routes. Make sure you don’t drink too much. Too much alcohol can make you uncontrollable and notorious. It can be irritating and harmful for fellow passengers. Limited consumption is good.

8.   Talk softly :  If you are travelling with family or friends, be soft when you are talking to them. Speaking at a high pitch may irritate other passengers. Similarly, be soft while talking on  the phone.
Qatar A380

9.   Avoid Loudspeakers: Listening to Music on Portable speakers should be avoided. It disturbs other passengers, especially those who are sleeping. Use earphones to enjoy your Music/Media.

10. Don’t Run after Freebies: Flights usually offer complimentary meals and drinks. Don’t act like a greedy Monkey and ask for more. If you ask for an extra glass of drink or packet of snacks, it’s fine. But don’t ask again and again. This behaviour is very creepy and throws a wrong impression.

11. Don’t Abuse anyone: A flight is a public place with hundreds of people. Don’t use abusive language on-board. If someone is freaking you out, simply inform the crew. Similarly, avoid eve teasing women. Misbehaving with women is a serious crime and can attract harsh punishments.

12.  Be Friendly: Be Friendly with others and cooperate with them. For example: If you are on an aisle seat and your co-passenger needs to get out, do it without getting irritated. Friendly behaviour is loved by all, and who knows you may find some friends on-board.
Being friendly on board

13. Be Patient: Always be Patient on-board. Whether it’s while Boarding or de-boarding or when you have asked for something. Impatience may lead to quarrels.

14. Don’t spoil your surroundings: Avoid spoiling your surroundings by throwing garbage, wrappers, etc. in the isles or seats. Use dustbins and keep everything clean and tidy.

These are some basic Etiquette you should have to be a good passenger. These qualities make you a good Global Citizen and save you from any trouble. If you have more to share, comment down below. 

Happy Travelling…..
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