Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Barcelona : Liveliest City in the Mediterranean

Barcelona is situated in the State of Catalunya in Spain. The city is a Blend of Sun, Sea, Nightlife and Street Food. Barcelona is the 2nd largest city in Spain and the liveliest city on the Mediterranean.  The city greets you with Beautiful Architecture, Amazing Art and a vibrant International Community.  Being close to the Mediterranean, the city has a temperate climate all around the year.  It is a yearlong destination, and you can visit anytime. Barcelona gained popularity in the last 2 decades. Apart from having a Flamboyant Football culture, Barcelona developed itself into a tourist destination.  The Sea shores of the city were developed to attract tourists from all around the world. Barcelona is very famous among western tourists, who love Beaches and Sea shores. Barcelona is a Party Place with something for everyone.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Getting around Barcelona is very easy. The Public Transport system is very good. Taxis, Metro and Buses are available everywhere. You can also roam around in a cycle. Many locals love travelling by Cycle. It’s a great option for tourists as well. Places to see in Barcelona include La Rambla, Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona Cathedral, Casa Mila, Montjuic, Camp Nou, Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas Street.

Barcelona has a great Food Culture. In fact many people say that it is the Food Capital of Europe. Many International Tourists say that Barcelona is the 2nd best Food Paradise after Hong Kong. The city is flooded with Street vendors, Bars, Cafes and Nightclubs. Being close to the Sea, it has one of the best varieties of Sea Food on offer. Restaurants around the city are multi-cultural and multi-cuisine. Food from all over the world is available here. Spanish Donuts are a hot favourite and must be tried. The State of Catalunya is famous for its Wine. When in Barcelona, do taste their world famous Wine. The city’s Food Culture is dominated by the Mediterranean Diet.

Barcelona is one of the liveliest cities and has a great shopping culture as well. Shopping is reasonable here. Outlets like ZARA and HnM are cheap and reasonable. These outlets offer the Best Clothes at great prices. Similarly, many other outlets are also affordable. Barcelona is cheap as compared to other parts of Europe, and is worth spending on. Have at least a day for shopping. Shopaholics will be mesmerized by shops and retail outlets around the city. As Barcelona is the home of Barcelona FC, you will find Barcelona FC merchandise all around the city. Though the best merchandise would be available in the Barcelona FC Stadium, but you can find it everywhere. If you are a Football Fan, you must purchase them.
Camp Nou Stadium

Barcelona has a well-connected Airport with Flights coming from all over the world. Carriers like Finnair, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Ryan Air, Easy Jet, British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa have regular flights to Barcelona. As we know that Europe is well connected by Rail, it’s a great option to use. Trains from all parts of Europe come to Barcelona. So, if you are coming from other parts of Europe, Rail or Road is a great option.

So pack your Bags and have a great time in Barcelona!

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