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Shopping Tips for Travelers - Part 1

shopping for Travellers
Shopping is an important part while travelling. Some prefer spending time in shopping, while some explore their destination. Some shop less, while some spend all their money on shopping. Whatever may be the purpose of your trip, you are spending money on shopping. Hence, it is important for you to know about shopping streets, Malls, and Arcades at your destination. Also, you need to know what is reasonable where. We have decided to post two blogs to give you tips and suggestions on shopping while travelling the world. The first blog includes Tips and Suggestions for shopping, while the second blog includes a list of famous places for shopping of different products. This Blog includes Tips and Suggestions for Shopping while Travelling.

Travelling Abroad

The Tips and Suggestions for shopping while Travelling may be slightly similar to normal shopping, but is a lot different. These are:

1.   Research: Before leaving, search the internet or travel books to know what all is famous at your destination. Different places are famous for different things. Also, ask other travelers for suggestions and shopping areas.

2.   List Preferences: Make a list of all things you wish to purchase on your trip. Also write down your Budget and the maximum price you would pay for each item.

3.   Compare: Compare the prices at your destination with your home market. Don’t purchase things which are reasonable at your home place. Purchase only when it’s cheap, or is offering a distinctive benefit.

4.   Bargain Well: Put all your efforts in Bargaining with the seller. Many places around the world are famous for Bargains. Some of them may be China, Thailand, Malaysia and India. Ask your guide to suggest suitable shopping areas for the same.
shopping area.

5.  Quality: Bargaining is fine, but make sure that the quality isn’t compromised. The biggest disadvantage in Bargain shops is that they often compromise quality. Better purchase good quality at a higher price. Quality is a big concern when purchasing Gadgets and Electronic Appliances. So, be careful.

6.   Be Patient: Don’t jump on any product. First enquire from other shops about the price of the product.  Be patient enough to get maximum benefit.

7.    Don’t Wait Too Long:  If you find something good and reasonable, purchase right away. Sometimes people leave them thinking that they might get something better in the next market or place they are visiting. If you don’t find something better later on, you regret.

8.   Customs: Check what all is allowed in your Home country. Entry of some products may be restricted or subject to Custom Duty. For example: Liquor Bottles permitted in India is 2 bottles per Passport. Different countries have different  rules for different Goods. Check for your Home country.
Duty free shopping

9.   Limit Your Purchase: Don’t purchase too many items. Some people buy lots of things and then pay a hefty Baggage Overload cost. You should make sure that Weight of your Travel Bag is under control.

10. Duty Free Shops :  The Duty Free shops at Airports offer reasonably priced goods. They are sometimes cheaper than the main city markets.

These were some Tips and Suggestions on Shopping while Travelling. In the next Part, we will give you a list of Cities/Countries famous for buying different types of products. If you would like to give more suggestions on shopping, write down in the Comment Box below…..

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