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Travel Insurance: Coverage & Important Points

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is a boring topic, but an important one. It is protection against anything bad that can happen while travelling.  It includes everything from losing your luggage, to losing your life. It safeguards you from hefty Medical Bills and unexpected emergencies.  Insurance is one of those things you never need, until you do. Some people consider it as a formality, and usually don’t care about its contents. Hence, they end up getting exploited or underinsured. So, it is important for all travellers to know what all it covers and to what extent. In this Blog, we will first discuss what all is covered, and then things to remember before purchasing a Travel Insurance. We request you to carefully read these tips and make the right choice.

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Coverages included in Travel Insurance

1.  Medical Insurance: It covers any bills that you might have from going to a Hospital abroad.  Different places have different prices for Health Care, so check before leaving for your trip.

2.   Emergency Evacuation: It covers expenses of you being Airlifted or Evacuated from accident or mishap site. It may include taking you to a local or specialized Hospital. Some policies also include trip back to your Home in unavoidable circumstances.

3.     Accidental Death:  As the name suggests, it includes death of policy holder during the trip.

4.    Travel Protection: Travel Protection will reimburse you the cost of your trip if for some reason , you have to cancel at the last minute.

5.   Baggage Protection:  It covers anything that is lost or damaged in the flight/train. Airlines today have coverage to a certain extent for lost or damaged luggage.

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Things to Remember with Travel Insurance

1.   Cost and Coverage: Make sure that you read all coverage carefully. While comparing policies, don’t choose the one which is cheap, choose the one having all coverage you require. Some people choose a cheap plan, and then later regret when their claim is not passed. Hence, consider coverage over cost.

2.  Exclusions: Read all exclusions clearly. Please note travel insurance doesn’t cover things like adventure sports, drunken driving or any dumb act leading to injury.

3.    24 Hour Assistance: Make sure that the insurance company is providing 24 hour assistance at your destination. Contingencies can arrive at any time.

4.   Bills/Documents: Insurance companies try their best to not pay you. Hence, it is important to keep all medical bills, air/rail tickets, hotel vouchers,etc to present while filing claim.

5.   Multiple Trip Policies: If you travel regularly, it is advisable to take a multi trip policy. A single coverage for all your travels.

6.   Avoid giving Fake Info: Giving false information to insurance companies never work, and may lead to denial of a genuine claim.

7.   Baggage: Try and keep most of your Luggage in Hand baggage. Check in bags are prone to damage. Also, try and avoid multiple stopovers and connecting flights. They increase probability of Bags getting lost.

8.   Health: You cannot avoid emergencies and accidents, but at least keep yourself healthy and safe to decrease chances of such situations. Avoid Travel Sickness as much as you can.

The above tips and suggestions will not only help in purchasing a good travel health insurance plan, but also safeguard you from any unexpected emergencies. Also, ask for recommendations from other travelers about good policies and companies.

Be safe and happy travelling…..
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