Saturday, 27 August 2016

Liechtenstein : A Tiny Paradise in Europe

Vaduz  City
Liechtenstein is a small city like country in Europe. The country is surrounded by the mighty Alps and Borders of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Liechtenstein is a German speaking independent state in Europe. This Beautiful country is just 62 square miles with a population of only 40,000 approx. Locals are mostly Catholics and speak German.  The country is made up of 11 villages with different historic buildings. The Town of Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein, and has a population of just 5.000. Liechtenstein has developed itself into a tourist destination in the past few years. Surprisingly, the country has a lot of Businesses running because of its low Tax rate. Many companies have chosen Liechtenstein over other European countries for Business. Like Switzerland, a big part of its modern economy is Tourism and Sports. Usually clubbed with other European countries, Liechtenstein is a small and beautiful country.


Getting around Liechtenstein is easy and convenient. As the country is as big as a city, you can either walk around the streets or take a Bus.  The capital Vaduz has Modern Art Buildings, Hotels and Office Parks. Places to see in Liechtenstein include Malbun, Triesenberg, Schaan, Balzers, Schellenberg and National Museum. 2-3 days are enough for you to fully explore and cherish its beauty.

Food and Shopping is decent here. Restaurants serving Different types of European food can be found all around. Asian and American Restaurants are very less here. Best option for Tourists is to try out European Food here.  Street Cafes may be found at some areas. Grab a Coffee and enjoy the Breath-taking view. Shopping is fine here. Some big and small brands are present. Our advice would be to enjoy the country’s Natural Beauty, rather than Shopping. Liechtenstein is a country where you can sit in the lap of Nature. Thus, don’t waste time in shopping.

Liechtenstein is totally surrounded by the Alps and Roads. Hence, it does not have any Sea or Airports. Eurail is a good option to reach Liechtenstein. Rail or Road, you would love the Alpine view of its countryside. Austria, Switzerland and Germany are the nearest countries to Liechtenstein. You can choose your route accordingly. Liechtenstein is like a weekend getaway destination. You just need 2-3 days to explore it. Apart from being scenic, Liechtenstein is very quiet. It will give you a good break from busy city life.

So, go ahead and have a relaxing holiday in the Lap of Nature.

The Town of Vaduz

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