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Frankfurt : An Elegant German City

The Romerberg
Frankfurt is one of the most famous cities in Europe. It is a Modern Metropolis booming with Business, covered with Museums and Sparkling Nightlife. Frankfurt is also called as Minehattan because of its Skyscrapers. Famous for its Banks, Airport and Skyline, Frankfurt is one of the top 10 most liveable cities.  Usually people consider Frankfurt as a Financial and Business hub, but Frankfurt has attracted tourists with its surprising amount of charm, green spaces and history. Frankfurt is home to Europe’s 3rd biggest airport, attracting many tourists and transit passengers. With Lufthansa having its base here, many transit passengers often visit Frankfurt for a few hours before changing flights. Frankfurt is a blend of Modern and Historical thinking with historic monuments between modern skyscrapers. With a population of just over 500,000, Frankfurt is a bustling beautiful city.

Frankfurt has a very good public transport system. Getting around is easy and convenient.  The city centre is a 25 min train ride from the Airport. The Frankfurt city train will take you around the whole city. Some places can also be explored by foot.  Take a map of the city and explore the city by foot to fully cherish its beauty and historic monuments. Places to see include The Romerberg, Goethe House and Museum, Senckenberg Natural History Museum, Art City, The Old Opera House, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Zoo Frankfurt, St. Paul’s Church, The Palm Garden, The Hauptwache, The Museum District and The Eschenhiemer Tower .  The city can be explored in 2 days, but if you have less time then also you would enjoy.
Art City

Being a cosmopolitan city, Frankfurt is good in Food and Dinning. It may not be very famous for food, but has decent number of multi-cuisine restaurants. Frankfurt has a taste of all cultures from around the world. Business travellers and Tourists have flooded the city with a wide variety of options. Many East European Immigrants have settled down in Frankfurt by opening their own restaurants. Thus, a blend of all types of European food can be found here. Besides that, a large number of Asian and American restaurants are present to give you a different experience. Café culture may be found at a few places as well. So, food is not a problem in Frankfurt.
The Old Opera House

Frankfurt is a decent place for shopping. You cannot say it is great, but it’s fine for purchasing a few items like souvenirs, clothes and accessories. Prices are expensive with no scope for bargain. Shopping streets and malls are present all around the city with all famous Brands and Retail stores. Purchase only those things which are either reasonable or exclusive here. Else, focus more on exploring and getting around the city.
Zoo Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most well connected places on Earth. Its Airport attracts carriers from all over the world. Lufthansa is the National carrier of Germany with its base in Frankfurt. Frankfurt Airport contributes a lot to the GDP as millions of passengers make their stopover here while travelling to/from Asia to North America. Besides this, Lufthansa has the 4th largest fleet of passenger planes in the world. Flying is one of the easiest ways of reaching Frankfurt. If you are coming from other European cities, consider Rail/Road. The views of the countryside and the Alps are amazing.

Enjoy your Trip!
The Hauptwache

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