Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Artistic City of Vienna

The Giant Wheel - Prater
Vienna is the capital of Austria in central Europe.  It’s an ancient Fortress city surrounded by the Alps. With an artistic and historic culture, Vienna happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  In recent years, new ideas and Philosophies have dominated the city. Monuments and Buildings depict ancient art and architecture. Popularly known as Ancient Royal city, Vienna is also the Music capital of the world. Vienna is full of Artistic Buildings, Beautiful Monuments, Impressive Museums, Quiet Streets and a Bustling Café Culture. This Blend of Modern Lifestyle and History has made Vienna one of the most sought after places for tourists. Earlier Vienna was a part of Europe Tour, but now tourists plan special trips to enjoy its beauty. Austria is one of the most Alpine Nation of the world; Vienna is a beautiful starting point to it.

Getting around Vienna is very simple and convenient. Though modes of public transport are present all around, the best way is to walk. Like many other European cities, Vienna is best explored on foot. It helps you in exploring the city in a calm and composed manner.  Sights to visit include Boulevard around Downtown area, St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna State Opera, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Peoples Garden, Bell video, Museum of our History, Museum of Natural History, Belvedere Palace, Museum Quarter,  St. Charles Church,  Mainichi Shimbun, The Giant Wheel - Prater, The Parliament and so on. Besides these attractions, Vienna has lot of Parks and Green spaces to relax. Take out at least 4 days to fully cherish its beauty.
Museum Quarter

Food culture in Vienna is driven by Cafes and Bakeries. The city has a very famous Café culture with hundreds of Cafes all around the city. They include Luxurious Cafes and Street Cafes. Bakery items and Confectionary is very famous here.  The Sacher Torte Cake is very famous and shouldn’t be missed. Vienna is surrounded by Vineyards in the outskirts. Hence, you can have the purest types of Wines out here.
Boulevard around Downtown area

Shopping in Vienna is good. You will find all major International Brands here. Local Brands are also famous here. Local handicrafts and souvenirs are present all around. Fashion Brands and Boutiques are available for all classes.  Shopping should be done only when you find something distinctive, otherwise focus only on Exploring the city.
The Sacher Torte Cake

Vienna is well connected with the European Railway Network. As a part of European Union, visitors from other European countries can travel by Rail/Road. Vienna International Airport is a busy Airport. Austrian Airlines is the local carrier having services to all around the world. Besides that, carriers like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways may be considered.
Hofburg Imperial Palace

So go ahead and enjoy your trip to Vienna…..

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