Thursday, 28 July 2016

Solo Travel: An Exciting Experience

Travel is a fun and exciting experience. Usually people travel with their family or friends, or may be with Business colleagues. Some people are now adding more spice to their Travels by travelling alone. Solo Travelers are increasing day by day. Earlier people used to travel alone only on official trips, but now we also have them on Holidays. When you think about Solo Travelling, it sounds very scary and challenging. People have now started taking up this challenge. The biggest advantage of Solo Traveling is that you are all by yourself. You can roam wherever you want, whenever you want. This is the time where you don’t make any compromises, and do whatever you wish to. Frankly, this is when you spend time with yourself and get to know yourself better. Many Solo Travelers say that it feels scary at first, but then it feels very exciting.  In this blog, we will discuss some Tips and Suggestions for Solo Travelers. These are important to enhance your experiences and keep you safe.

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Suggestions for Solo Travelers are as follows:

1.   Research: Before leaving for your Destination, make sure you research everything about the place. Search the Internet and ask other travellers about what to do and what not. Make a note of what all you want to do and see. It helps you in better navigation around the city.

2.   Bookings: Make all your Flight/Train and Hotel Bookings in advance. The last thing you want is to search for an accommodation in a foreign land. Hence, it is safe to book your accommodation in advance.
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3.   Culture: Study about the Culture of your destination. This will help in mixing up with locals. It also helps in adapting with their food and lifestyle preferences.

4.   Language: If possible, try and learn some words and sentences in their local language. The locals will appreciate this and mix up with you easily. It is of utmost importance when you are visiting China or Japan, as they have lot of language problems.
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5.   Be Confident: Don’t be nervous or scared. It attracts attention of scamsters. Be confident and roam around freely. Even if you are unaware of something, don’t panic, just ask your guide or the locals.

6.   Follow Guide: Always follow your tour guide. If you don’t have a tour guide, ask your Hotel staff or the locals.
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7.   Money: Take good care of your Money. Money Management is very important, as it helps in coping with unexpected circumstances.

8.  Travel Insurance: Make sure that you have travel Insurance before you leave. It is of utmost importance.

These were few tips which will help you in your Solo Travel. Lastly, we would just say be safe and follow your logic and instinct.

All the Best!
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