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How to Pack Clothes for Travel

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Clothes are the biggest contents of your Travel Bag. They are the most essential commodity and take 90% of your Luggage space. Carrying too many clothes not only makes your Bag heavy, but also makes it difficult for you to manage. Hence, we need to pack minimum clothing with maximum utility. Many travelers are unable to do this. They end up either running out of clothes, or increasing their Luggage Weight. In this blog, we will share few tips which will help you in maximum utilization of your clothes, without any extra weight.

Luggage with clothes

The Blog is divided into two sections- Winter Clothing and Summer Clothing. Let us start with Winter Clothing!

Winter Clothing

So, you are planning a trip to a cold place and confused what all to take. Well, winter clothing may include woollens, jackets, Overcoats, sweatshirts, etc.  Take care of the following points:
1.   Jeans: Carry only 3 pairs of Jeans. They can be used alternatively. Even if you are going for 6 months, they will serve your purpose.  They can be sent to Laundry once a month.

2.    Shirts: Carry only 10 shirts for a trip of more than 15 days. If your duration is less than 15 days, number of shirts can be reduced accordingly. If the climate is very cold, a single shirt could be worn over different Jackets/Sweaters.
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3.    Woollens: Woollens are heavy and occupy a lot of space. Hence, they are to be packed carefully. 5-6 pieces of woollen clothing are enough for a 15- 20 day trip. Wear them alternatively with different Shirts and Jeans. A cool thing may be to wear one of them while going to the place i.e. in Flight/Train. It reduces your luggage weight by a few ounces!

4.   Undergarments: Whether you are going for 5 days, 15 days or 6 Months: carry only 5 pairs of Undergarments. They can be washed and reused again.

5.   Laundry: The biggest advantage in cold places is that it doesn’t make your clothes sweaty and smelly. Send your clothes for Laundry once a month. That is enough for the winters.
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Summer Clothing

Summers are a different climate altogether. A hot climate requires less clothing, but is often affected by sweat and smell. Here is what you need to do:

1.  Jeans: Carry only two pairs of Jeans which are thin and comfortable for summers. Capris and Shorts are a great alternative.  When on a beach holiday, carry only one jeans, one capri and a couple of shorts.

2.    Shirts: Carry 10 -12 T-Shirts for a trip of 15 days or more. Don’t wear them again until they are washed. Send them for Laundry after every use. This will help in getting rid of the sweat and the smell.
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3.     Undergarments: Carry 5 pairs of undergarments only. Wash them vigorously to avoid any etching or discomfort. They can become very stinky during summers, hence proper wash is required.

4.     Laundry: Send your clothes for Laundry every 7-10 days. You cannot use a cloth again after it has been exposed to heat once. Hence, keep them clean and shining.

5.    Deodorant: Carry a small bottle of Deodorant in your Hand Bag. This can help in eliminating any foul smell during the day. Wear a Deodorant whenever you feel necessary.

These were some tips for your Travel Clothing in Winters and Summers. These will not only help in easy management, but also in reducing weight of your Travel Bag.

Happy Travelling!
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