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How to Get UK Visa

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United Kingdom has gained popularity as a Tourist Destination in recent years. Millions of people now travel to different parts of the UK every year. The growing demand for Business and Leisure has led to a large number of Visitor Visa Applications. Getting a UK Visa is considered difficult after US Visa. It is always second to US Visa when it comes to difficulty level. UK Visa may be difficult, but a few things will make it easy.  In this blog, we will tell you about things you should make sure before applying for UK Visa. Please note that the information specified in this Blog is for UK Visitor’s Visa only. The information is as per June 2016. Rules may/may not change by the time you read the blog.

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Consider the following suggestions for easy and fast UK Visa Qualification:

1.    Visa Application: Visit the UK Visa website  and fill up the Visa Application Form. Make sure that you fill up all the information correctly and in line with your Travel Plans.  The first thing the Clearance officer will do is comparing your application with your travel plans. Unlike US Visa, you won’t be facing any Interview, so it’s important to mention everything correctly.

2.    Credentials: UK Clearance Officer considers two main things in applicant- Funds for trip and a surety that the applicant will come back. The UK Visitors Visa enables you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. The officer considers Duration, Funds for the same and reasons compelling him/her to return. To give you an example, if you are planning a trip for 2 months, funds in your account should be enough to entertain you for the same.  Similarly, you should have documents that assure your return after 2 months. If you have visited UK before, it’s a big plus point. Probability of approval increases.

3.    Documents: As discussed above about Credentials, documentation should support them.  Proof of Funds may include Bank Statements, Tax Returns, Pay Slips, etc.  don’t show any Bank Overdrafts as they are considered as Liabilities. Documents to assure return back may include School/College IDs, Employer Certificate, Leave Grant Letter from Employer, Sale/Title Deeds of Property, Certificate of Incorporation of own Firm etc. You can also include documents obtained from your travel agents confirming your bookings. These may include Hotel Details, Flight Details etc.
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4.    Checklist: Prepare a checklist of all documents and double check before going for appointment. If everything is correct and in order, you are surely getting the Visa. If you have visited UK before, do carry your previous Passports having UK Visa and their Xerox copies. These things will strengthen your application and increase chances of success.

5.    Punctuality: Punctuality is the key before any application. Apply for Visa at least 2 months before your intended date of Travel. On appointment day, reach the centre 15 minutes ahead of schedule. This ensures easy and hassle free application process.

6.    Avoid Agents: The UK Visa application is easy for a common man to apply. Avoid any agents or Brokers who give you false promises of approval. Agents often manipulate with your information damaging your chances.

These are a few tips for getting a UK Visitors Visa. So, go ahead and apply for it!

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