Wednesday, 10 February 2016

An Extravagant Holiday in Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge
In the recent years, Australia has gained a lot of popularity as a Tourist Destination. The country has made sure that it offers its guests with a variety of scenic beauty and greenery. Nature has blessed Australia with a big coastline, green forests, beautiful countryside and the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. What Australia has done, is harvesting these things to earn more and more Dollars from tourism. It was because of this that Australia was able to attract tourists from Europe and south East Asia. Earlier, Europe and Asia were the first choice of tourists, but now Australia has joined the list.

Sydney Opera House
You will find everything in Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are multicultural and beautiful cities. Both the cities have bustling streets, great hotels and multi-cuisine restaurants. As far as Sydney is concerned, you can see the famous Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower and Olympic Stadium. If you have extra time, you can also climb the Harbour Bridge. Another option may be to take a day excursion to the Blue Mountains, which is 2-3 hours drive from Sydney.

Great Ocean Road
On the other hand, Melbourne is a city full of exotic bars and Restaurants. You can have a general city tour of Melbourne, but do visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Entry in the ground depends on schedule of matches. Bookings for tourists are usually done in advance and on non-match days. Ask your travel agent to make prior bookings for you, or choose package having the same.  After exploring the city of Melbourne, take a day excursion on the Great Ocean Road. It is a long journey which starts from Melbourne. The road takes you to the famous 7 Apostles. This scenic drive is 5 hours long besides the magnificent Ocean. It is a must do attraction, so choose packages which include it.

Great Barrier Reef
Once the big cities tour is over, its time for enjoying around nature. Visit the city of Cairns. It is full of Green Parks and the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy a full day excursion to the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy visit to Submarines, Ferry Rides, Scuba diving and water scooters. This breath-taking place will show you the  only Natural Wonders of the Coral Reefs which is even visible from space.It’s now time to have some fun by visiting Gold Coast. Gold Coast is a 70 km drive from Brisbane. It has a variety of Theme Parks such as Dream World and Sea World. If you are travelling with kids, they are surely going to enjoy.

7 Apostles
Australia is thus a package of everything. So, if you have decided to go Down Under, book your trip today. Qantas is one of the best carriers in the world. It offers direct flights to Australia from all major cities of the world. It also has tie up with Emirates, which helps Qantas to get passengers from Emirates network to Australia via Dubai. Besides, all other big carriers like Etihad, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai, United, etc. have regular services to Australia.

Have fun and enjoy your trip……..

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