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Delhi Delight

Parliament House
Delhi is the Capital of India. This multi-cultural populous city has gained popularity in recent years. It is famous for its historical monuments and bustling shopping centers. Located in the Northern part of India, Delhi attracts millions of tourists every year.  Earlier, Delhi was just a normal city, but from the year 2000, it saw rapid development. The Delhi Metro which started in 2002, has spread to almost all parts of the city. Its network is increasing day by day connecting the outskirts of the city as well.

delhi metro
On arrival, you can take either a cab or Metro to reach the main city. Avoid public buses as they have inconsistent frequency and limited connectivity. Metro is good to navigate around the city. You can purchase a metro smart card. It can be made for a minimum amount of Rs.100 and maximum Rs.800 i.e.  1.50$ to 12$. Hence, public transport is cheap. In fact, if you take a cab from airport, it would charge you only 12$. As compared to other big cities, Delhi is cheaper. When it comes to sightseeing, major attractions may be Qutab Minar, Lal Qila, Jantar Mantar,  Akshardham Temple and Parliament street. All these places are connected by Metro. India Gate is situated near the Parliament street in Central Delhi. Central and South Delhi are the most famous and have most of the attractions.
Qutab Minar
If you are coming from Europe or North America, you would find Delhi very cheap. Whether its shopping, Food or Travel, it’s cheap. The best place for shopping is Connaught Place. All major brands and outlets are here. Have at least a day to explore this place. The area is in a circular form with a central park in between. Other famous shopping centres may be Khan Market, Vasant Kunj and South Extension.

Delhi may be famous for many things, but there are also some downfalls. Delhi was recently named the most polluted city in the world. It is a big problem here and often travellers are advised to be careful. We would advise you to visit Delhi in winters i.e. from September to March. This is because summers are very hot and sticky. The mercury may rise as high as 46 degrees. Besides, it becomes highly humid and sweaty. Winters are cold and very comfortable. The pollution is severe in summers, and hence you should avoid summers.
Akshardham Temple

Food is great in Delhi. You have street food and Indian cuisine restaurants all around.  Besides, Chinese and Italian food is easy to find. As far as other cuisines are concerned, you may find them in Connaught Place, Khan Market, Vasant Kunj and Saket. Hotels in Delhi are exotic as well as reasonable. You will find a 5 star accommodation at the same price as a Motel in London or New York. You can also add a few excursions in your trip. The famous Taj Mahal is 4 hour drive from Delhi. It can be covered in a single day. Ask your travel agents to book your excursions as on the spot bookings may not be available.
Jama Masjid

Delhi’s IGI Airport welcomes all major carriers of the world. Air India has a wide network with routes to Europe and a few cities in North America and South East Asia. Other carriers you may consider are Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Lufthansa, British Airways, Thai, Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. All have regular services to Delhi. You would be glad to know that recently the Indian government has introduced visa on arrival and e-visa facilities for around 80-90 countries. Check whether you fall under it.
Red Fort

Enjoy your trip…….

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