Wednesday, 3 February 2016

LONDON - Capital of the World

London Bridge
London - called as the capital of the world, is one of the most popular destinations for any visitor. Whether it is tourists or working professionals, all prefer a cosmopolitan city like London. It is a mixture of different cultures and ethnic groups. People from all parts of the world have bought their cultural and traditional suitcases here.
London Eye

Tourism is one of the most important sources of revenue for the city. Every year millions of tourists make their vacation here. Usually, people prefer clubbing London with their Europe tour. This gives them the chance to see only the famous attractions such as London Bridge, London Eye, Swaminarayan Temple, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud  etc. and then  you end up having only 2-3 days in London.
Thames River

If you want to fully explore the city of London, look at the suggestions below:
  1. Time: Have at least 6 to 7 days for London. Anything less will not give you the desired experience.
  2.  Oyster Pass: When you touch down, the first thing to do is to purchase an Oyster Pass from any Metro station. This Pass costing around 45 pounds enables you to travel in London buses and tubes for a week.
  3.  Tubes: The London Metro, which is also called Tube, is available from almost anywhere in the city. The 15 different lines of Tube help you navigate well and fast.
  4.  Buses: Tubes may be fast but try to divide your tour with buses, as this gives you a chance to see the streets and views of the city. Since most of the Tubes are underground, it’s a good option.
  5. Flexibility: The city of London provides the flexibility of travelling on your own. You can very well explore the city without much hassle.
  6. Attractions: Make a list of all attractions and explore by bus or tube. Spend quality time at all places. If you want to shop, look for Oxford Street and parts of Stratford.
  7. Hotels: You don’t need to look for expensive hotels in Central London, look for Hotels in the eastern part of the city. They are not only cheap, but also good and well connected.
  8. Food: In a multicultural city like London, it is easy to find restaurants serving to all, whether you are European, Asian, American or from anywhere else.
  9. Flights: British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer flights to London Heathrow and London Gatwick from more than 300 destinations all around the world. Apart from that every major Airline of the world has a service to London.
  10. Cruise: Take some time out to enjoy a small hour long cruise over the Thames River. This cruise will take you around the whole of London.
  11. Travelling months: You can travel to London all around the year. Try and avoid months of extreme cold like Jan and Feb for your visit.
  12. Add on: As the city of London is well connected with national railway, you may add some excursions to your trip such as a day tour to Birmingham, Manchester and Stone Hinge.
So, take care of the above and explore London like never before………..

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