Saturday, 13 February 2016

Incredible Spain

Madrid City

When it comes to Europe, mostly tourists go to Central and Western European countries starting from Italy to France. But in recent years, countries of the south have also attracted tourists. One such place is Spain. Famous for its historical Monuments and Beaches, it is now attracting travellers from all over. As Spain is a part of the European Union, it is connected to other European cities by Rail and Road. People usually drive to Spain from these countries.

Madrid Bull Ring
We are now seeing a different sort of travellers to Spain. They are tourists from Asia and North America. Asians are heading here for its beauty and Adventure sports, whereas Americans are fulfilling their love for beaches in its dry weather. Madrid is the capital of Spain.  The city is famous for its monuments and bull fights. Madrid is a well-connected city. Public transport is good, but you will find some problems as most of the announcements are made in Spanish. It may also cause difficulties in navigating around. Thankfully, most of locals know English. Madrid is like any other bustling city, full of Malls and Shopping centres. If you love historical places, you would like Madrid. Besides, sport lovers may visit the Real Madrid Football stadium. The entry fee is cheap and the tour inside is well organised. Don’t forget to check match dates, and do purchase some souvenirs. Madrid also has good Restaurants serving International cuisines. It will help you in finding your local food.
Real Madrid Stadium

Barcelona, as many know is famous for its Bars and Nightlife. It is certainly a party place with bustling streets, crowded shopping centres, vibrant Nightlife and magnificent beaches.  You should have at least a day full for its Beaches. They are pretty popular among tourists. Also, like Madrid don’t forget to visit the FC Barcelona stadium. Another city famous for its Beaches is Valencia. This place welcomes many tourists, especially Beach lovers. There are also some beautiful monuments in Valencia. Besides, there is also a famous Aquarium which you can visit. Valencia is a quiet city with not much people, giving you the perfect relaxation.

If you are looking for some adventure, then you can visit cities like Seville and Costa Brava. Seville is famous for Sky Diving and Flamenco Show. On the other hand, Costa Brava is famous for water sports. Other options may be Bunol and Pamplona. Bunol is famous for its La Tomatina festival. If you wish to attend the festival, it takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year. The cities in Spain are very well connected by Rail and Road. You should divide your trip equally. You won’t find the country as beautiful and scenic as other European countries. This is because the weather in Spain is generally dry. Summer temperatures may reach 42 degrees. The roads and countryside would remind you of the roads of west coast of the United States, or the roads in the state of Rajasthan in India.

As far as shopping is concerned, you will find Zara and H&M almost everywhere. Clothes are reasonably priced and don’t lack quality. Do purchase Spanish olive oil and Wine.
Planning a holiday may be a challenge if you are planning yourself. Accommodate yourself in a group package. Spain doesn’t have any famous carrier. You need to go for options such as Emirates, Finnair, British Airways, Air France or Lufthansa.

Have a Nice Trip……..
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