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Holiday in the Big Apple - New York

Statue of Liberty
New York, also called as The Big Apple, is situated on the East Coast of the United States. It is one of the most famous cities in the world, and most visited after London. It always remains on every travelers list. It is made up of 5 Pearls- Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Manhattan. The famous of them all is Manhattan. You would find most of the attractions here.

Start off your tour in New York by purchasing a common pass for metro and public bus. New York is very easy to navigate around. The whole city is connected with public transport. Manhattan is divided into many streets from North to South, and Avenues from East to West. You would find attractions such as The Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and the new World Trade Centre. Besides, you will also find famous Museums and Cathedrals out here. Use Buses and Subways to go around. You can also go for the famous Yellow colour Taxis, but they may be expensive. People from Financial Sector may visit The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Recently, the new World Trade Centre was opened, do visit. It also has a 9/11 memorial.
New York
Statue of Liberty is the most famous attraction. Situated on Liberty Island on the outskirts of New York, ferry services operate from Lower Manhattan to the Island. While visiting The Statue of Liberty, make sure to have at least half day to roam around Liberty Island. Also, Liberty Island offers a great view of the skyline of Manhattan.
Times Square
The Central Park is the most famous City Centre Parks in the world. You need by foot at least half a day to explore it. The Park has a lot of great attractions such as Lakes, Bridges and Strawberry fields, which have appeared in many films. The Empire State Building is another famous attraction.  It has a terrace on the top floor which gives an incredible view of the city of New York. Besides, the Times Square and the Rockefeller Centre are other famous attractions. Times Square is one of the most famous streets in the whole world. If you are travelling during Christmas, do visit the Rockefeller Centre to see the Christmas tree.
Brooklyn Bridge
New York is usually an expensive city, but there are many things which you can do for free. One of them is walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, or taking a ferry from Staten Island. The ferry ride is 30 minutes long and gives you a magnificent view of the Liberty Island and the New York’s skyline. You may spend most of your time in Manhattan, but do visit other pearls as well. In Brooklyn, visit the Brooklyn Promenade. Also, do visit the Grand Central Station.
Liberty Island
Food and Shopping is great here. Most of the famous shops are at the 5th Avenue particularly between the 59th and the 47th street. As far as food is concerned, you will find Hot Dog stands and Pizza places all around New York. Besides, New York has plenty of international cuisine restaurants such as Indian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican etc. You will have no problem in finding your favorite local cuisine.

To explore New York, the best way may be to book Hotels and Tickets yourself, and then be on your own. There are many great Hotels in New York, both cheap as well as expensive. Whatever maybe your budget, you would find one for yourself. New York is one of the most connected places on Earth.  Almost all major Airlines of the world have services to JFK International Airport.  Some carriers may also offer you very cheap tickets.

So, pack your Bags and enjoy….
New York Central Park

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