Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Amazing Singapore


There are many cosmopolitan cities in the world. One such is Singapore. This small country situated in South East Asia is famous all over the world for its Beauty, Cleanliness, Culture, Food and People. Singapore got its independence 50 years back, but made sure to match its standards with the developed countries. It has always proved itself to be a bright spot in Asia. Not only tourism, but it is also a preferred destination for corporates and businesses.

Holiday in Singapore

From the beginning, Singapore was blessed with good governance and strong rules which made it what it is today. Locals here have been kind enough to welcome people from all cultures. This helped Singapore to be a multicultural Nation. Singapore is as big as any normal cosmopolitan city. It takes only few days to explore it all. There are many ways to explore this great city. Public Transport is robust enough to take you around.

singapore skyline

On arrival, you can catch a bus or Metro from Changi Airport to reach your hotel. Taxis here are expensive and should be avoided. The Metro is called MRT and is the fastest and cheapest way to navigate around. Make sure to purchase a smart card, called the Easy Link. It is acceptable in the city buses and MRT. It costs around 12 Singapore Dollars (SGD).

singapore city

The food in Singapore is really good. There is a blend of Indian, Malay, Thai, Chinese and Middle Eastern cuisine. You will find exotic restaurants all around Singapore, but the street hawkers are the best. Don’t worry about quality as these hawkers are registered and follow laws laid down by the government. Hence, they are not only cheap, but also good. Chicken rice is the  most popular dish in Singapore. Do check it out.

City of singapore

Apart from roaming around the city, there are some great attractions in Singapore. Sentosa Island is the most famous. Also, you can visit Night Safari. Singapore is so well organised that even if someone is on his own, they can easily cover it all. Just take a map of the city and ride on public transport. Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world. You will find it spotless. This is because there is hefty fine on throwing litter, spitting and throwing garbage. It is also one of the safest places on Earth. One can roam around anywhere at any time.

marina bay singapore

Changi Airport is the powerhouse of Singapore’s economy. It has been named as the best airport 30 times and won more than 450 awards. It receives all major carriers bringing people from all over the world. Singapore Airlines compliments the airport with its wide network, and also serving as a transit point between Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This brings more Dollars to the economy.

So, if you have decided to visit Singapore, you can either catch a flight or take a cruise liner. The Cruise is best when you are visiting nearby countries like Malaysia & Thailand. If you are visiting only Singapore, we would advise you to just book flights, hotels and visa. Rest you would find here easily. All seasons are suitable to come here……..

Changi Airport

Happy Journey!!!!!

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