Saturday, 23 April 2016

5 Best Travel Tech Accessories

Technology has made our lives simple and easy. It provides us solutions that were hardly thought of. With the increase in number of gadgets, there is a solution for every problem. Some of these gadgets are portable enough to accompany you in your travels. In this blog, we will tell you 5 best Tech Accessories for your travel. These accessories take care of your devices and ensure that you are not only connected, but also able to pass time while waiting for flights/Trains/Ship etc.

Portable Charger
5 Best Tech Accessories for your travel are as follows:

1.   Portable Charger/Battery: Portable Chargers are power banks with capacity to charge your phones and tablets without a electric socket. They have multiple USB Ports to charge multiple devices. Portable batteries are also the same. You just need to charge your portable power banks before leaving. They  are of great help when you drain out your phone batteries on a long journey.

2.   Travel Adapters: Different countries have different electrical sockets. The difference disables you from charging your stuff. A portable adapter has pins to fit in all types of sockets and powers your devices. Hence, you don’t need to purchase a new socket for every place.

3.   Shock/Waterproof case: These mobile cases help you save your phone from damage, especially during adventurous trips. It also enables you to take pictures during underwater expeditions. You may also consider pouches for the same.
Travel Adaptor

4.   Portable Tripods: This is for all photo lovers. In fact, if you are a video publisher or Youtuber, it’s for you. They are like camera stands allowing you take photos/videos. Nowadays, small portable tripods are available, which may easily fit in your small bags.

5.   Bluetooth Speakers: These are small portable speakers that sync with your Phone/Tablet to enjoy your music loudly. They are a great alternative if you are tired of putting headsets.

Extra Bonus Tip - Use special fast charging USB cables to charge your devices. It cuts the charging time.

These are the Best 5 Tech Accessories for your Travel.  Air Travellers must make sure to keep them in Hand Luggage and not in  check-in Baggage.

Bluetooth Speaker

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