Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Bustling City of Mumbai

Gateway of India
Mumbai is India’s pulsating megacity. With a population of 22 million, Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. A metropolis of contrast with glitter and gloom, violence and religious faith living side by side.  Mumbai is the accurate reflection of true India.  The city is the financial capital and an economic powerhouse for this country. People from all over India are here to give you a taste of the vibrant and diverse culture of this country. The business district is full of skyscrapers and high end shopping complexes.  The city also has a long history and tradition. Hence, you will find a lot of old monuments and buildings depicting ancient Art and Architecture.

Marine Drive Mumbai
Getting around the city is kind of an adventure. With 22 million people squeezed into a space half the size of London, it is a super dense mega city. The best way to reach the city centre from Airport is by a prepaid cab. They will charge you around Rs. 800-1000 or around $15 for the same. Public transport is satisfactory here. But there is an exception, the Mumbai Local Trains. They have a wide network and cover the whole city. The Mumbai Local Trains are the world’s busiest railways. Avoid rush hours as you may face a super dense crush load on the trains.
Mumbai has some of the best historic and religious places in the world. Major attractions in Mumbai are The Gateway of India, Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Chowpatti Beach, CST Station, Fort Mumbai, Elephanta Island and Nariman point.  The Marine Drive highlights the new Mumbai skyline and is the Manhattan of India. Bandra and Malabar Hills are the elite places of Mumbai, home to millionaires and Bollywood celebrities. The Taj Mahal Hotel is a great piece of Architecture. It is one of  world’s most famous and luxurious Hotels. Apart from these, Mumbai has many green spaces to relax, else you may also consider sitting at the Harbour.
Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai

Food and Shopping is good in Mumbai. Food stalls are present all over the place. Cuisines from all around the world can be found here. The street food culture is very popular here. Vada Pao is the most popular snack out here. It is as famous as Hot Dog in New York. Have street food only from vendors who are flooded with people, and make sure the vendor ensures good hygiene. Shopping Arcades and Malls are all around. Since Mumbai is one of the cheapest places on Earth, you will find high quality goods at reasonable price.
CST Station Mumbai

The Mumbai Airport is one of the busiest in Asia. Air India and Jet Airways are the main carriers in India. They have services to countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Besides, Airlines like United, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Egypt Air, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific have regular services to Mumbai.
Elephanta caves Mumbai

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