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Types of Apps for Travelers

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Technology is growing day by day. People today are better connected than before. Technology has also led to the use of more and more smart phones. Now travelers rarely carry laptops, because their Phone or Tablet is equally efficient. With the increase of mobile devices, use of Apps has  also increased. Today there are thousands and thousands of Apps to make your life simple. When you are travelling to a new place, you require information on the go. In the past few years, many Mobile Apps have been launched to help travelers. They help people in finding places, sharing media files and connect with loved ones.

In this world of Apps, you may be confused on what to keep in your phone. In this blog, we will tell you what types of Apps to keep while travelling. We will not tell you the name of Apps as they differ from place to place and often subject to change. Many Apps are popular today, but they may not be as famous by the time you read this blog or traveling. New Apps are launched daily, hence it’s important to know the type of App rather than their names. Here are types of Apps required while travelling:

1. Accommodation Apps: These are the Apps which enable you in searching and booking accommodation at your destination. If you are on your own, these Apps help in finding Hotels and Resorts with ease.  Apps may be city based country based or universal. If you are visiting multiple countries, look for universal Apps.

2.    Offline Map Apps: These are the Apps which work offline, you just need to download maps when connected. Download maps of cities and countries before travelling. Make sure that they have offline searching options. Beware of Apps which only have details of famous sights, you need Apps with full detailed Maps.

3.      Language Translate Apps: These Apps are important when you don’t speak English or the locals at your destination are not well versed with English. English is the universal language; some countries are pretty bad in English speaking. This App is a necessity in countries like China and Japan. Search before you travel about the language spoken by people there.

4.    Communication Apps: These Apps keep you in touch with your friends and family while travelling. Some may be Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and Viber. They also allow you to share photos and videos with your friends.

5.     Free Wi-Fi Finder:  These are the Apps which scan your location and tell you where free Public Wi-Fi Hotspots are available. It also tells you how far it is, and whether it’s free or chargeable.

6.    Currency Converter: As the name suggests, they give you current exchange rates and conversions in your home currency.

Before downloading the Apps, look for their compatibility with your Phone or Tablet. Ask other travellers for suggestions and also look for ratings online. Ask your mobile service provider for reasonable roaming tariffs as well, to keep you connected in the absence of Wi-Fi.
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Have a nice trip…..

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