Friday, 25 March 2016

Macau : A Small Paradise in the East

Macau is situated on the South East coast of Mainland China.  It is a 45 minutes fast ferry ride from Hong Kong.  Macau is a special administrative region of China and enjoys the reputation of being Las Vegas of the East. It’s true that luxury Hotels and Casinos dominate the skyline, but there is far more to attract visitors here. There is a blend of Portuguese Architecture, Chinese Temples and bustling shopping centres around the city. The Portuguese were here for 450 years, thus you will see a combination of Chinese and Portuguese culture in the people, buildings, temples, street names and so on and so forth.

The Senado Square  is a historic part of Macau.  Visitors come here to see the rich Portuguese Architecture.  The whole city centre of Macau has been designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  It is best explored on foot.  Beyond the historic centre and the main city on the Peninsula, Macau is made up of two further Islands linked by three impressive bridges.  To enjoy a breath-taking view of the city, head up to the Macau Tower.  From the viewing deck at 223 metres, you can see as far as Hong Kong. Macau is famous for its Annual Grand Prix, and there is a museum dedicated to it as well.

It’s also worth taking a short drive out to the Islands. This 20 minute drive is a different experience altogether.  People head here for a relaxing day out in calm and green environment.  Enjoy the sandy beaches and village lifestyle here. It is soothing than the city centre. Spending a day here would be fulfilling.

Food in Macau is cheaper than Hong Kong.  There are a host of Chinese and Portuguese Restaurants in Macau. Besides, you could also taste the local Macanese cuisine.  The Macanese food incorporates lots of spices brought from Africa and Indonesia, making it really delicious.
When it comes to shopping, Macau has some good street shops and shopping centres giving you a nice experience. International brands have a footprint out here as well.

People usually visit Macau with Hong Kong. Hong Kong Airport is near the city of Macau, which is one of the best airports. Cathay Pacific is the Airline operating from this airport. Besides, all major airlines have their services here. You can also jump on to a cruise liner operating around East Asia.


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