Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Capital of Europe - Brussels

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city buzzing with life. The Belgian capital has a historic heart and home some of world’s greatest sights. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium; it’s also the capital of the European Union. It’s a small city welcoming visitors from all around the world. Apart from being political centre of Europe, it’s famous among tourists as well. Tourists usually add Brussels in their Europe tour. It may not be as famous as Paris, Amsterdam or Zurich, but receives a large amount of footfalls.

European Parliament Brussels
Begin with a coach tour of the city making stops on the way to take pictures of this beautiful city. There are amazing sights and scenery here.  See one of Europe’s famous landmarks – The Atomium.  Built for the 1958 World Fair, this space age structure gained popularity in the recent years.  Moving on, you will see the Elegant Royal Palace and The European Parliament. Arriving at the Old Town, take a walk along the narrow streets and experience the bustle.  You will also find sophisticated shops here.

The Centerpiece of the Old Town is the spectacular Grand Place.  It is one of the finest squares in the world. Just a short distance away, is one of Brussels more amusing sight – The famous Manneken-Pis. At just 2 feet tall, it will raise a smile on your face. Don’t forget to purchase a souvenir of the same. Besides, you can do some people watching and relaxing around the city.

Food in Brussels is mostly local. You may not find too many multi-cuisine restaurants, but the local cuisine is worth exploring.  Experience the Belgian Café culture, and do taste the famous Belgian Beer. Brussels is also famous for its Waffles. You may find it all around the city. Make sure to try the famous Godiva chocolates. This Belgian chocolate is famous all around the world. As far as shopping is concerned, it’s neither too good nor too bad. We would suggest you spend more time in exploring the city.
European Headquarter in Brussels

The city of Brussels can be easily explored in 2 days. This is why most tourists combine it with their Europe Tour. Brussels is not that popular for its Aviation. It does not have any popular carrier, making people rely on other carriers. But, there are many Airlines flying here. Best options are Eurostar, Eurail or by road. If you wish to fly here, Emirates, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and American Airlines may be considered.

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