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10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Popular Honeymoon Destinations
Honeymoon is a special occasion.   It is not only your first vacation after wedding, but also an opportunity to explore the other person. Thus, it’s important for you to plan it out well. The biggest confusion is in selecting the destination. Usually, the destination depends on many factors such as Cost, Accommodation, Sights, Beauty of Place and preferences of the couple.  Some prefer Hills, while some prefer Beaches. There are couples who also look for adventurous trips and decide their destinations accordingly. There are many beautiful places around the world, but some are just tailor made for the Honeymoon experience.
Here are the Top 10 destinations to go for your Honeymoon:

1.    Switzerland: This beautiful hilly country has always been the first choice of many couples. A Swiss Honeymoon may be as long as 10 days. The cities to explore are Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne and Engelberg. They include attractions with Natural Beauty and Snow-capped Mountains.

2.     France:  The French Capital Paris is called The City of Romance. This famous city is full of natural and scenic beauty. Besides, cities like Nice and Marsay offer a seaside and historic experience. France may be best explored by Rail, hence prefer Rail while travelling.

3.   Mauritius: This small Island nation would offer you a relaxing and enjoyable Beach experience.  Book yourself on a beach side resort to have a splendid Honeymoon in Mauritius. Also, enjoy different water sports offered here.

4.     Australia:  If you are looking for a blend of Nature, Sea and Adventure; Australia is the place to go. Visit Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns for enjoying Nature and Sea. The city of Gold Coast will offer you great adventure through its Theme Parks. You need around 14-15 days to cover all this.
franz-josef - New Zealand

5.   New Zealand: The Kiwi nation offers a lot of natural beauty in the form of Glaciers and Islands. Places like Auckland, Christchurch, Rotorua and Napier have the best sights. Franz Josef Glacier is the most popular attraction here. Club New Zealand with Australia, or have a 12- 13 days trip here.

6.  Indonesia:  The cities of Bali and Jakarta are gaining popularity as an exotic Honeymoon destination. There are some great sea side properties in Indonesia to choose from. Indonesia could be covered in 7-8 days.
pattaya-beach Thailand

7.   Thailand: This South East Asian country offers not only great but cheap holiday experience. Bangkok will give you a historic and cultural experience. Visit seaside towns of Pattaya and Phuket to sunbath and enjoy water sports. Thailand will require 9-10 days.

8.  Maldives:  Just like Mauritius, Maldives is another fascinating Island nation attracting lots of honeymoon couples. The seaside resorts here are amazing and give you a breath-taking view of the sea around. The country is surrounded by sea and will give a marvellous and relaxing experience.

9.  Hawaii: On this volcano rich Island with subtropical coastline, nature’s elements collide in a spectacular way. Enjoy the warm blue waters and ocean breezes, red lava flow and walk into lush green forests. Yet another spectacular Honeymoon destination.
Bahamsa Cruise

10. Cruise on the Bahamas: The 4 day long cruise to Bahamas sails from the city of Orlando in the United States. The cruise is filled with fun activities and musical shows. Enjoy the beautiful sunset on the upper deck with your partner. You can also enjoy at the beaches of Bahamas during the cruise stopover thereat.

Though you may have your own preferences, but these are some of the most popular destinations. So, go ahead and have a great and romantic Honeymoon.

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