Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How to stay Fit & Active while Travelling


Staying Fit and Active while Travelling is very important. It not only keeps you healthy, but also helps in enjoying your trip. A long time back we posted a Blog – “How to Prevent Travel Sickness”. In this Blog, we will discuss some Tips on how you can be Active while on the go. Travelling is a beautiful experience, and you don’t want to spoil it. Thus, it’s important to be Fit and maintain tour Health while travelling. So, let’s get started…….


1.      Walk: Wherever you are travelling, make sure that you walk around the city/Town.  Walking is the best way of keeping yourself Fit. There are thousands of Destinations around the World which can be explored by walking. These may include Hill Stations, Beach Towns, Suburban Towns and Small cities. Europe is one Continent where you have a lot of small cities which can be easily explored on foot. Thus, walk as much as you can. Also, use stairs instead of elevators and escalators.

2.      Cycling: Just like Walking, cycling is a great way of being Active. The best part is that Cycling is an inexpensive mode of transport. Cycling is famous all over the World. Many International cities have Bike Rentals where you can rent a bike and cycle off. People all over Europe, North America and Asia cycle regularly. There may be a few exceptions, but mostly everywhere it is popular.

3.      Be Hydrated: Make sure that you drink liquids regularly. This not only includes Water, but also Juices and energy drinks.  Keep a bottle of Water always with you. Some countries have inexpensive Beer, even cheaper than water. Don’t replace Water with Beer, as it dehydrates your body.

4.      Jogging: Go for Running/Jogging everyday in the morning. This will make you ready for the day. If morning is not possible, go in the evening. This can also be replaced with Brisk Walking, if you are not comfortable in Running.

Adventure sports

5.      Adventure Sports: Take part in Adventure Sports. Trekking, Sky Diving, Water Sports, etc can help boost your metabolism. These activities keep you Fit and Active. It is not only healthy way, but also a fun way of being fit. Research about your Destination, and find out what is famous and popular among travellers.

6.      Workout Shoes: Carry a pair of Workout shoes while Travelling. These shoes are important for Walking, Running, Cycling, Adventure, etc. It is important to be comfortable while doing these activities. Also, have workout clothes with you to be more comfortable.

7.      Gym: If possible visit a Gym. You can book your accommodation in a Hotel that has a Gym. Instead, you can also join some public Gyms or Fitness classes to be active. If a Gym is not available, you can do some Yoga and Fitness exercises in your Hotel Room. Also, don’t do extreme workouts in the Gym. You just need to refresh yourself by spending half an hour. Go for some basic workouts and exercises. 

These were 7 Tips on keeping yourself Fit and Active while Travelling. If we have missed something, feel free to comment down below…….
Brisk Walking

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